How It Works

Our goal at Hex Technology is to ensure that the personnel we instruct walk away with a comprehensive knowledge of bolted joint assembly, along with the confidence to perform the job right every time. To accomplish this, we offer a variety of instructional courses and programs, in different levels and phases.

It’s easy to get started. Here’s a brief look at the process.

  • Enroll in the courses online
  • Pay the course fees online via our “Stripe” module
  • Complete your profile if you wish
  • Access the course material and learn the different lessons in sequential order
  • Take the quiz for course completion
  • Upon completion, receive your HEX Certificate

Four Valuable Levels

Hex Technology’s Academic Courses feature four different levels of expertise. This enables every individual to concentrate on the level required for their specific job. Each level builds upon the other, so that if you aspire to Level 4, for instance, the three preceding levels must be completed first. See what’s right for you:


Level 1 – On Board Training

This training provides a good understanding of correct practices for the pre-tightening of flanges, including such tasks as lubrication, alignment, “flange stabbing”, etc.

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Level 2 – Assembler Training

Want to learn how to assemble flanges? You’ll be trained on alignment, application of controlled bolt load and surface defects, with an introduction on how bolted flange joints work.


Level 3 – Inspection / Lead / Management Training

You will learn the fundamentals of design and flange operation, with emphasis placed on different gasket types, methods of assembly and different assembly practices. This is especially valuable for troubleshooting issues in the field.


Level 4 – Qualified Bolting Specialist (QBS) Introduction

With completion of this course, the participant will be prepared to take the QBS Qualification from the Institute of Joint Assembler Qualification (IJAQ). Training will include all facets of Section A-2.1 Fundamentals and A-2.3.1 Piping Specific Training of ASME PCC-1 Appendix A.