Why Choose Hex Technology?

Because you deserve certainty.

You deserve to know every flange on your site was assembled the right way, with the right process, by the right people.

And you should feel confident each person putting hands on fixed equipment has the knowledge and ability to do their job well.

What We Do for You

Hex Technology delivers certainty in today’s unpredictable world by helping sites develop safer, more reliable bolting programs.

We help protect your assemblers.

We save you time and money. (As in millions.)

We achieve this through a system that ensures that your staff understands and can act on the industry’s best practices.

It’s a system for continuous progress – one that’s informed by research and refined by decades of directly working with maintenance and turnaround crews on the industry’s front lines.

And every step of the way, we keep it real and relatable. While our staff serves in leadership roles committees overseeing our industry, like ASME PCC-1, we also can explain the connection between gasket stress and nachos. (<-It’s a thing, trust us.)

The result: Training that wins attention, earns buy-in, and facilitates lasting improvement.

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How We Deliver

We offer you a scalable solution for leak prevention through better assembly.

Your site can achieve higher quality and consistency in flange makeup because of our unique approach.

You can liken the approach to an inverted pyramid.

This approach recognizes that the moment an assembler puts their hands on a flange what determines how the equipment will perform throughout its lifespan.

Everything else – from the site procedures to craft supervisors to inspectors – exists to ensure that moment is flawless.

Assemblers must understand their procedures, and know when to raise their hand. Supervisors and inspectors must discern good from bad, and be able to spot signs something is amiss before it becomes a problem. And the program can’t ride on just handful of engineers or subject matter experts. A wider base (of people who truly understand bolting) makes for stronger support.

What You Get

When you partner with Hex, you put your craft personnel on a clear path for continuous progress.

Our method is informed by research data, work with leading industry organizations (including ASME), and direct boots-on-the-ground training with crews around the globe.

The result is a process that accounts for every stakeholder in bolted flange joint assembly – and provides them with exactly what they need to perform at a high level.

This system encompasses both the fundamental knowledge (academic) side of assembly and the hands-on practical skills needed to perform.

Our course materials are designed so that your staff will be able to easily follow and quickly understand. Each level of your organization will find classes designed to meet the needs of their unique role.

Our Commitment to You

When you choose Hex Technology, you’re choosing a training solution that is…

  • Independent – Improving your site’s performance is all we do. Training is our product, not a loss leader for selling you other products. Your team is our sole focus.
  • Unbiased – To stay on top of the marketplace of available solutions, we maintain relationships with multiple tool, gasket, lubricant and other component manufacturers, but are beholden to none. Any recommendations we make are based on need and effectiveness.
  • Experienced – Our teams have trained and written procedures for sites across the industry and around the globe. We know how it’s done at the biggest (and smallest) sites and companies.
  • Collaborative – We regularly partner with End Users, manufacturers and laboratories for new studies. We’re always searching for answers and sharing information for better solutions.
  • Research-backed – Our practices aren’t based on anything but data. There are no unfounded theories here. We bust myths, challenge assumptions, and verify with tests.
  • Accessible – Your crews can access course materials 24/7/365 through our online learning platform. Available on any device, in any location. All certificates remain on file and readily accessible by staff or management.
  • Responsive – You can expect an answer to any question, or a response from our staff, within 24 hours during business days.

Protect your front line. Boost your bottom line.

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The Hex Team

Scott Hamilton

Scott Hamilton

Chief Executive Officer & Director of Training Curriculum

“I’ve worked in just about every job in bolting, from assembler to ASME PCC-1 subcommittee member. I’ve been on overnight shifts in refinery turnarounds during cold Kansas winters, and in laboratories with the best and brightest minds in bolting science. I founded Hex Technology to connect the dots.”


  • Procedure writer and advisor to multiple major and supermajor petrochemical companies
  • Voting member and Chair of ASME Post Construction Subcommittee on Flange Joint Assembly (PCC-1)
  • Contributing member of the ASME Pressure Vessel Research Council – Sealing Reliability Committee (ASME PVRC-SRC)

Selected Peer-reviewed Publications:

  • Defining the How and When to Execute Single Stud Replacement (SSR) of Bolted Flanged Joints (link)
  • A Proposed Framework for the Training and Qualification of Personnel Involved in Field Machining of Bolted Flanged Joints (link)
  • Further Work on Analyzing Accuracy and Overall Performance of Torque Tools for Assembling Bolted Flanged Joints (link)
  • Analyzing Accuracy, Repeatability, and Overall Performance of Torque Tools and Patterns on Multiple Flange Geometries (link)
  • Bolted Flange Joint Assembly Service Provider Assessments (link)
  • ASME B16.20 Jacketed Gaskets Performance Testing (link)
  • Determining Accuracy and Repeatability of Torque Through Powered Equipment (link)
  • ASME B16.20 Spiral Wound Gaskets Performance Testing (link)
  • Further work on analyzing the accuracy and overall performance of torque tools for assembling bolted joints. (link)
  • Quality Assurance Guide to B16.20 Spiral Wound Gaskets (link)
  • Moly Disulfide in Bolting Applications (link)
  • Field Calibration and Accuracy of Torque Wrenches (link)

Brian Sabin

Brian Sabin

Chief Operating Officer & Director of Customer Success

“I’m new to the bolting industry, and that’s the point. My role is to bring innovations from e-learning and communications and apply them so Hex Technology’s training is more effective, longer-lasting, and scalable enough to meet every site’s needs.”


  • Previously held C-level positions at digital marketing and consulting agencies
  • MS Journalism & Communications, Northwestern University
  • 6-time marathon finisher who qualified for and completed the Boston Marathon

Daniel Meigs

Daniel Meigs

Director of Research & Development

“I’m applying my experience working with several of the world’s leading telecommunications firms toward developing new solutions for End Users. Our CHUCK interface is just the beginning. If I’m not working on that or another product, you’ll find me poring through lab data for our next publication.”


  • MS Electrical Engineering, Kansas State University
  • 30+ years experience in computer science & engineering
  • Also Founder/President, Timberline Engineering

Andy Smith

Andy Smith

Master Trainer (Emeritus)

“I’ve been in bolting for more than a quarter-century, starting when I first repaired hydraulic torque wrenches at age 16. By the time I’d reached my twenties, I was an international bolting trainer. I’ve taught crews just about everywhere and in every setting, from downstream refineries to upstream rigs to chemical processors to nuclear power plants to wind farms.”


  • Founded an independent bolting tool and services company in Wichita, Kan.
  • Offers an unbiased approach to tooling and has experience with nearly every manufacturer
  • Oversaw labor and QC side of hundreds of turnarounds and outages