The Hex Method

Hex Technology was born from a perceived need, a recognition that all the finger pointing in the world does not solve the problem. After many years of successfully selling and servicing flanges, Scott Hamilton founded Hex in 2014, as a way to facilitate proper assembly and alleviate complications further down the road.

With that in mind, Hex Technology does not sell flanges, gaskets or equipment of any kind. Instead, we supply knowledge. The kind that enables you to keep your pipe network problem-free. Our thorough training methods adhere to all PCC-1 standards, leading to Hex Technology’s reputation as the first and last word in bolted flange joint expertise. The preferred trainer and certifier to leading Fortune 500 oil and petrochemical companies the world over, we believe in finding broad solutions that cover every aspect of the process. No shortcuts. No untested theories. Just a better way of doing things right.

The Hex Team

Scott Hamilton

Scott Hamilton


Scott Hamilton entered the bolting industry in 2005, joining a small torque wrench distributing company. Working his way up to Director of Technical Services, he recognized that the bolting industry lacked practical, applicable knowledge on many levels. Consequently, he spent nearly the next 10 years studying bolted flange joints and trained and wrote procedures for some of the petrochemical industries’ largest, most influential companies.

During that time, Mr. Hamilton specialized in implementing leak prevention bolting solutions for industrial plants, by way of equipment, procedures and training, services and torque equipment calibration. This work helped mitigate the risk of leak-related fires and fugitive emission releases, while providing major refiners and chemical plants with a solid, consistent protocol for their operating units.

Mr. Hamilton’s accomplishments include:

  • Advisor and member of the ASME Post Code Construction One (ASME PCC-1) subcommittee on bolted flange joints
  • Contributing member of the ASME Pressure Vessel Research Council – Sealing Reliability Committee (ASME PVRC-SRC)
  • Certified QBS (Qualified Bolting Specialist) by both ASME and IJAQ
  • QBS  Instructor sponsored by IJAQ (International Joint Assembler Qualification)
  • Completed ASME 5-day course on Bolted Flanged Joints
  • Internationally published on multiple occasions

Andy Smith

Andy Smith

VP of Training

A 25-year bolting veteran, Andy Smith began repairing hydraulic torque wrenches at 16, and started selling them as his first business just two years later. He was later contracted to serve as an international trainer for bolting products, which led to him co-founding an independent bolting tool and services company in Wichita, Kansas. Featuring a services division that handled both the labor and QC side of countless turnarounds and outages, the company grew into a national leader in bolting products and onsite bolting services.

Offering an unbiased approach to tooling, Mr. Smith has worked with almost every single manufacturer in the bolting tool market. Today, he utilizes his extensive experience in bolting, construction management and industrial products to excel in the training arena. He has conducted countless training classes, both academic and hands-on, for bolted flange joint assemblers, reliability engineers and maintenance personnel throughout the country. From nuclear power plants and oil drilling companies, to downstream refineries and chemical plants, Mr. Smith has conveyed his energy, experience and knowledge to an extremely wide range of industry professionals.