Recognized Experts in Bolted Flange Joint Assembly

The oil and petrochemical business can be rewarding…but also unforgiving should problems arise from your equipment or processes. An unbiased solutions provider such as Hex Technology can prove extremely valuable, with expertise and experience that helps you to prepare and prevent costly mishaps before they occur.

Drawing on both technical and practical knowledge, we offer customized client solutions, bolted flange joint assembly training and certification to oil refineries, petrochemical companies and the contractors who serve them. Our extensive, holistic approach ensures procedural integrity from beginning to end – no ifs, ands or bolts.

Academic Training

Level 1: Onboarding


The individual who has completed “On-boarding” training, which is a 1-2-hour training course on the correct practices of assembly of flanges (lubrication, alignment, “stabbing of a flange”, etc.…).

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Level 2: Assembler


The individual who has completed “Assembler Training” is capable of supervising individual crews on flanges that have been deemed intermediate.

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Client Services

We’ve honed processes to find comprehensive solutions.

Schedule a call with a Hex Technology today to determine how our specialized client services can achieve your results, the right way.