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The Myth About Bolt Yield

See how taking a bolt past its yield point is far easier to do, and far less noticeable, than most people realize.

Academic Training


Level 1: Onboarding

Level 1 covers the fundamentals of how to safely and properly assemble a bolted flange joint. Anyone who comes into contact with flange joints ought to learn this material.

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Level 2: Assembler

The individual who has completed “Assembler Training” is capable of supervising individual crews on flanges that have been deemed intermediate.

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Powered Equipment (Torque and Tension)

This course will teach the individual the basic methods of achieving torque and tension with the use of powered equipment, including hydraulic and pneumatic tools.

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Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchangers present many different configurations and challenges for bolted flange joints.  This section of the training will discuss the basic configurations, common gaskset types, inspection, and assembly practices for Heat Exchangers.

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