Training for Crews

Training for Crews, Made Simple and Easy

You want your crew of assemblers, operators, inspectors, and engineers trained up.

We’ve got you covered.

Our solution makes it easy to…

➔ onboard your crews and contractors (even if that means thousands of people)

➔ track everyone’s progress (it takes only minutes)

➔ ensure everyone earns the certifications they need by the time you want


Hex Technology’s Bolt Crew Training

“Hex Technology is fantastic to work with. Their training has been very useful to both our maintenance mechanics and our fixed equipment engineers.” — Mike Bush, Marathon Petroleum

What You Get When You Sign Up

As a group leader on the Training for Crews platform, you can…

  • Have an exclusive training group created for you and your assemblers.
  • Enable your staff to learn anywhere, anytime. Our self-paced learning platform works on any device (desktop, tablet or mobile).
  • Scale up to meet any team size including Turnaround/Outage Crews.
  • Add members quickly. Onboarding hundreds of staffers (assemblers) can be done in under one minute.
  • Update team members as often as you want. Add or remove assemblers as you see fit.
  • Manage your team from anywhere, even from home. This web-based platform is accessible anywhere and compatible with work-from-home situations.
  • Enroll contractors to ensure crews they provide possess the skill level you want.
  • Stay organized by creating separate crews for different sites, units or divisions. Want engineers separated from maintenance? Or track different contractors? No problem!
  • Get full visibility into the progress of your team members. You’ll know exactly who’s done their work within seconds of logging in.
  • Add other team leaders to help you — as many as you’d like.
  • See all test scores, getting answer-by-answer breakdowns of how personnel are scoring.
  • Expect prompt customer service and technical support. We’ve worked to make the platform as simple as possible. Users tell us we’ve achieved this, with one saying: “The platform is so easy, a child could use it.” But should you ever run into an issue, our team is ready to assist, aiming to respond to all inquiries within 24 business hours.

And that’s just the beginning.

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“Hex’s training services are terrific. I don’t know another vendor who offers the type of real-life knowledge that they include in the training.” — Jason Wright, CHS

Saved Time and Better Outcomes: What’s In It For Staff

Hex Technology started offering bolting training for a simple reason:

When people understand why they’re doing what they’re doing, they do better work.

Bolting technicians, craft assemblers and industrial maintenance staff are hands-on people. We know that because we are too. We’ve been working in refineries and industrial settings for the past three decades.

Our specialty is taking the complex science behind bolting best practices — the type of stuff covered in ASME PCC-1 — and turning it into information assemblers will actually use.

3D model of a heat exchanger

It’s “academic” training that’s highly actionable. Those who enroll can…

  • Enjoy non-boring training modules that will keep you engaged from lesson to lesson
  • Train up to Level 2 under Hex’s system, which is based on ASME’s PCC-1 Appendix A
  • Earn additional qualifications for Powered Equipment and Heat Exchangers
  • Receive certificates of completion valid for two full calendar years

The courses are suitable for anyone in oil and gas — upstream, midstream or downstream. They also apply to personnel at chemical or other industrial plants.

Honestly, anyone who picks up a torque wrench — or manages somebody who does — needs to know this material.

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“Their personnel are very experienced in bolting and BFJs, not only from an application perspective but also from field experience. They have a vast knowledge on tooling as well.” — Ben Fruge, Sasol

There’s Nothing “Theoretical” About It…

We’ve heard some people call computer-based bolting training “theoretical.”

The label is wrong. Way wrong, in fact.

There’s nothing theoretical about how bolting works. If you follow the guidelines laid out in these courses — which are all based on ASME’s PCC-1 Appendix A — you will have better results.

3D model of a heat exchanger

Conversely, if you fail to learn and apply the concepts, you’ll have worse outcomes — and all of the consequences that come along with them:

❌  More leaks

❌  Decreased efficiency

❌  Lower output

❌  Higher cost of operation

❌  Greater maintenance costs

❌  Increased risk of LoC incidents causing an environmental hazard

❌  Decreased worker safety

You, your staff, your customers, and your shareholders all deserve better. Hex Technology offers Crew Training so you all can avoid these problems. When your staff completes the material, you’ll be more able to get the results you want, like:

✅  Leak-free plants

✅  Increased efficiency

✅  Maximum output

✅  Increased mechanical availability

✅  Less money spent on clamps or other “band-aids” for bad assembly

✅  Fewer LoC incidents (or none at all)

✅  A safer working environment

“Hex provides very valuable information that is practical and helps prevent gasket installation mistakes.” — Jose Veiga, Teadit

Now is the Time to Act

In just 15 minutes, we’ll take you on a tour of the platform. We’ll show you what it can offer you and your team, and answer any questions you might have.

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“Hex Technology is very knowledgeable in flange bolt makeup. They have worked with many different companies and can leverage that experience and network for comprehensive solutions.” — Tom Chen, Chemours