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The individual who has completed “Assembler Training” is capable of supervising individual crews on flanges that have been deemed intermediate. While they cannot make changes to the procedures given to them, they are encouraged to inform any Supervisor/SME of issues that might arise during the application of controlled bolt load (torque/tension). Does not include powered equipment.

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ASME PCC-1 “Guidelines for Pressure Boundary Bolted Flange Joint Assembly” states that the recommendations that are stated in the actual document and Appendix A (Notes Regarding Qualifying Flanged Joint Assemblers) are Guidelines.  They are not a code.  This training is based on information that an individual should have this training before they are considered a “Certified Bolting Specialist.”

Some companies may deem it necessary for one to all of their employees have this training.  They also might deem it necessary for their plant to have one or multiple “Senior Certified Bolting Specialist.”


  • PCC-1 Appendix A & Hex Technology do not specifically cover all safety and corporate policy aspects of your particular site or plant.
  • It is up to each individual to follow the site-specific procedures and policies 
  • Safety is officially outside of the scope of ASME PCC-1
  • Most sites have very rigorous safety programs that need to be followed
  • Assemblers must follow local laws and regulations
  • Those laws, regulations and site-specific programs take precedence over all else, including this training.

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