Level 3 Training: Supervisor/Inspector


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Learn what maintenance mangers, inspectors and supervisors need to know about bolted flange joint assembly. Based on ASME PCC-1.


Level 3 Training for Supervisors and Inspectors

If you are a…

  • Maintenance Manager responsible for facility upkeep
  • Crew Supervisor accountable for the work of assemblers and craft personnel
  • Reliability Engineer who drafts procedures and documentations governing flange joint assembly
  • or an Inspector who needs to know exactly what good assembly looks like in the field

…then this is the course you need to take. In Level 3, we go beyond the practices of good assembly and dive into the principles behind that work — then tie it back to what you’ll see on your facility’s front lines. From this course, you will…

Understand what to look for, and why, in bolted flange joint assembly.

Learn a better way to calculate target torque — one that produces more reliable, leak-free joints.

Gain troubleshooting techniques that solve the most common problems seen in the field, from fixing incorrect alignment to correcting troublesome flange face issues.

This course includes more than 50 lessons taking you through every stage of flange joint assembly, including…

  • planning
  • pretightening
  • tightening
  • disassembly
  • documentation

…and much more.

Best of all, each lesson is delivered in brief, no-nonsense lessons that get straight to the point. You won’t find an abundance of overly technical language or people trying to show off how smart they are. This is practical, tactical material that will help you better monitor your crews and the work that they produce.

This course is eligible for 2 professional development hours in most states, including Texas and Louisiana.

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