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Graph showing the causes of bolted flange joint failures.

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As a member of Hex, you also get access to our acclaimed training for bolted flange joint assemblers. That’s not one, not two, but four complete computer-based training (CBT) courses including:

Level 1: Fundamentals

Correct and incorrect application of nuts to industrial fasteners.

The on-ramp to a more effective bolting program. Students learn key concepts like elastic interaction and bolt scatter, and how they affect a joint’s integrity.

Level 2: Assembler

Spiral wound gasket elements.

Covers what front-line craft needs to know. From tool selection to pre-tightening practices to disassembly and documentation, this class covers every step involved in flanged joint makeup – and how to do them according to the industry’s leading standards and guidelines.

Powered Equipment Endorsement

A Graphic of Hydraulic Torque Wrench Components

Provides a thorough understanding of the pneumatics, hydraulics, and battery-powered pistol grip tools currently changing the industry. Gives you must-know material for the safe use and operation of your site’s most powerful tools.

Heat Exchangers Endorsement

Graphic of a hairpin heat exchanger

Demystifies the most complex fixed equipment in the industry. This one-of-a-kind course illustrates the key elements of exchangers and connects the dots for more effective and reliable assembly.

Other sites would charge $700 (or more) for courses like these. When you sign up, you get them at all no cost.

All materials are based on the training guidelines spelled out in ASME’s PCC-1 Appendix A. But our lessons go further. We bring concepts to life with 3-D graphics and real-world data.

Each lesson is written and narrated by our CEO, Scott Hamilton — a bolting veteran with two decades of experience spanning every level from front-line assembler, to corporate procedure writer, to laboratory researcher.

He’s served on ASME’s PCC-1 subcommittee since the 2000’s, and understands how to take even the most complex applications and break them down so that anyone can understand.

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