Everyone has a plan…until they don’t. Even the best intentions and procedures can run into problems in the field, when unforeseen circumstances occur. So workers in the field need clear, concise reference materials to help troubleshoot problems or questions proffered by the customer.

Hex Technology can provide assemblers with an invaluable Assembler Reference Sheet – a template of a pocket-size booklet featuring torque/tension values, socket to stud sizing, alignment tolerances and more.

Preparing for What You Can’t Predict

Our Engineered Flange Studies also help assemblers prepare for the unexpected. This JADE (Joint Assembly Design & Engineering) assessment includes an analysis of the effects of temperature on the joint, flange rotation, gasket deflection and the over/under load aspects of the Bolted Flange Joint Assembly. Study participants receive an informative analysis description and results, assembly sheet and overall conclusion.

When an incident does happen, Hex Technology will map it out and compare it with your existing process map. And if that map doesn’t exist, we’ll use the incident as a basis for a process map for your organization. So we not only supply you with the tools to embrace preventive practices, but we also work intelligently to help you quickly solve any problems as they arise.