Practical Training

A key element of the overall training protocol, Practical Training features testing and demonstrations that enable participants to apply their recently learned academic training.

Applications That Cover All the Possibilities

Hex Technology’s Practical Training model includes 37 different demonstrations created to increase knowledge and efficiency for assembling and understanding bolted flange joints. This is designated as SME Level 2 Training. Hex will advise your company as to whether the SME Level 1 Introduction or Level 2 Training is best suited for your organization.

The following are general descriptions of these demonstrations:

  • Gasket Placement
  • Joint Inspection for Defects
  • Joint Alignment
  • Powered Equipment
  • Bolt Assembly Pattern
  • Mechanical Interactions
  • Bolt Assembly and Gasket Selection
  • Tensioner Load Loss Factors
  • Gaskets vs. Tightening Procedure
  • Used vs. New Bolt Usage
  • Bolt Lubrication
  • Ultrasonic Bolt Measurement
  • Flange Flatness
  • Disassembly Procedure
  • Nut Factor vs. Bolt Materials vs.
  • Turn-of-Nut Demonstration
  • Anti-Seize
  • Inspection of Gasket for Failure