QBS Certification System

Hex Technology’s Qualified Bolting Specialist (QBS) Certification program has been uniquely developed to help ensure safe, efficient assemblage and disassemblage of pressurized joints. Safety can be vastly improved by preventing gasket leaks in these joints, which reduces fugitive emissions, shortens shutdown turnaround times and decreases maintenance costs. To achieve this, it’s vital to conduct programs such as this to enhance the bolter’s understanding of these bolts, gaskets and flanges.

Our QBS Certification System is designed not only to increase general knowledge, but also to stress the importance, and provide guidelines, for following official tightening procedures. There are no shortcuts here that lead to a favorable outcome; full compliance is essential. Once your assemblers have completed this certification training taught by our experienced experts, you can be confident of greater safety and reduced liability on all of your bolting jobs.